Prenatal Classes

We offer two prenatal class formats — both of which utilize our unique Performance Training Approach to help you prevent pregnancy pains & injuries, experience an easier labor, and recover faster afterward.  Classes are highly modifiable for all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy (and great for new moms too!).

PROnatal Signature

Our signature format alternates between pregnancy-safe cardio intervals and functional strength training drills with an emphasis on proper core activation throughout.  The quick-pace format helps you (and your little one) reap the many benefits of aerobic activity, while building strength in a safe and fun way.  This class is done in sneakers. 

PROnatal Strength Foundations (NEW!)

This strength-centered class helps you first establish a solid foundation of proper alignment, deep core strength, and better movement quality, then encourages you to dial up intensity to your build strength at a level that’s right for you (with hands-on instructor support). Strength circuits are interspersed with LIIT™ drills (Labor Intensive Interval Training) – our proprietary way of helping you physically and mentally prepare for Stage 1 Labor. This class is done barefoot.

Class Schedule

PROnatal Signature: Monday 6:30 – 7:30pm

PROnatal Strength Foundations: Wednesday 6:15 – 7:15pm

Manhattan Youth Center @ 120 Warren St

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All classes require advanced registration (as we cap class sizes), but we never penalize you for cancelling, even last minute, as long as you notify us.


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Know Before You Go

  1. Be sure you have spoken with your doctor, and have your doctor’s clearance to exercise.
  2. After registering for your first class, please complete this brief Health History Form to help us in providing you the safest and most effective experience.
  3. Wear comfortable workout attire, a supportive bra, and bring water. Wear sneakers for Signature. Go barefoot for Strength Foundations.
  4. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to class start time for important instructions.

Prenatal Classes FAQ

You can begin at ANY point, as the classes are designed to accommodate all stages.  Ideally, the sooner you can start, the better, so you can begin to learn the things to start focusing on.  However, no matter when you begin, you will benefit from what you learn — even if your at the end of your pregnancy.

If you were not a regular exerciser before, but are looking into it now due to your pregnancy, then first off, congrats!  We love that mindset! You are already ahead of the game because you recognize the importance of exercise during this period. Our instructors are skilled at accommodating ALL levels – from novice to athlete – and will give you special instructions and coaching so you can have the best workout possible. This is why it’s so important to fill out the Health History Form in advance of your first class, so your instructor can come prepared!

Absolutely!  Packages apply to ALL classes (even postpartum classes).

Both classes are highly modifiable for all levels, and complimentary to each other, so we encourage you to try both.  We don’t recommend doing any particular class first.  The Signature format incorporates more cardio, whereas the Strength Foundations will allow you to spend more time working at your own pace to master proper movement and build your strength.

Absolutely!  Congrats on being so proactive.

The classes are great for postpartum moms (especially the Strength Foundations).  If needed, babies are also welcome, provided you notify us beforehand.  You are free to bring strollers and car seats into the studio.

We always require advanced registration, as we cap our class sizes. However, we know how life goes as an expecting mom! So if you book directly through us, we never penalize you for cancelling – even last minute – as long as you cancel your reservation online or notify us.  We will simply credit your session back to your account, so it can be applied to a future visit!