Postpartum Classes

The PROnatal Stroller Workout is a 1-hour, outdoor total body workout designed to help moms of all stages effectively rebuild their bodies post-baby, and develop the strength necessary to meet the very physical demands of motherhood.  You’ll burn calories, build strength, and properly rebuild your core – all while spending time with your little one, and meeting other moms.  The class format alternates between cardio drills pushing the stroller, and functional strength training drills with the stroller parked – with a focus on proper core training throughout.

The class is highly modifiable for all fitness levels and stages of motherhood. Whether you are just resuming exercise post-baby, or you’ve been exercising regularly for years, instructors are skilled at meeting you where you are, and successfully coaching you to the next level.

Class Schedule

Our classes our paused for the winter, with the exception of Harlem.
Tue/Fri 10:00 – 11:00 AM (corner of 113th St and Morningside Ave)

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Interested in our indoor classes?  Check out our prenatal class in Tribeca.  This workout is great for new moms as well!


Intro 2-Class Package


Includes one class FREE!
Expires 2 weeks from first class attended in package
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Single class


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Monthly Unlimited


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Know Before You Go

  1. If you are less than 3 months postpartum, or expecting, be sure you have your doctor’s clearance to exercise.
  2. After registering for your first class, please complete this brief Health History Form to help us in providing you the safest and most effective experience.
  3. Wear comfortable workout attire (layers are best for colder days), sneakers, and a supportive bra. Bring water and a mat, towel, or blanket for ground work. For windy, rainy, or cold days, we recommend rain covers for strollers.
  4. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to class start time for important instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is NOT your baby’s age, but your clearance to exercise that determines your eligibility to take the class.  In order to participate, you must have your doctor’s clearance to exercise. As long as you have that, you can come whenever you feel comfortable!

Kiddos of all ages are welcome! You can also come with more than one child. The one thing to note is that children will be in their strollers for the first 2/3rds of the class, so they should be comfortable remaining in their strollers during this time. The quick-paced class format – which alternates between stroller-pushing, and stroller-parked drills – typically keeps children happy and sufficiently entertained!  The last portion of class is on the grass, where children can join you on your blanket, or play nearby.

Nearly any stroller will work, with the exception of umbrella strollers, as they are not conducive to some of the cardio drills we do. In addition, it’s best to place newborns in car seats instead of a bassinet.  However, if you need to bring an umbrella or bassinet stroller, instructors will help you modify cardio drills accordingly (or can watch your little one while you perform the drill on your own!).

If there is any group of women who will be wholeheartedly understanding of this, it’s your fellow class participants! That said, our class is designed to keep your baby happy to give you the best workout, with a format that provides some consistent movement and variety for your baby, and supportive instructors who will do whatever they can to rock and soothe your baby so that you can get your workout in. Our intro package includes one free class, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out!

While we will always try to do our best to give you exercise variations, the class is designed to be done with a stroller. Since this is not a baby-wearing class, you may not be able to take part in all the exercises.

Absolutely! All exercises are easily done without the stroller.

Definitely! Many moms come with their first child, then continue taking the class when they become pregnant with their next. Instructors are highly skilled at accommodating moms “exercising for two.”  Be sure to complete your health history form in advance so your instructor can come prepared to best support you.

We always require advanced registration, as we cap our class sizes and have minimum thresholds to hold a class. However, we know how life goes as a mom! So, we never penalize you for cancelling – even last minute – as long as you cancel your reservation online or notify us.  We will simply credit your session back to your account, so it can be applied to a future visit.