Personal Training

In-home prenatal and postpartum personal training in New York City

Exercise during and after pregnancy should not just be about what to stop doing, but very much about what to start doing.  The massive changes of pregnancy, marathon of childbirth, and physically demanding activities of early motherhood combine to make this journey the most physically (and mentally) challenging one that most women will ever endure.  Our team of talented pre and post natal experts will coach you toward “optimal performance” during this period — helping you successfully meet each and every challenge along the way — and come out stronger than ever.  Areas of focus include:

  • Alignment work to resist the stress of pregnancy postural changes
  • Deep core training to create healthier growth environment for baby, prevent injuries, and improve pushing efficiency
  • Strength training to manage the increased weight of pregnancy, pushing, and physically demanding tasks of early motherhood
  • Endurance training for Stage 1 Labor
  • Pushing Preparation for Stage 2 Labor
  • Pain/Injury prevention and recovery, especially Diastasis Recti
  • Postpartum recovery and return to favorite activities
  • Nutritional Counseling (optional)

Ready to get started?  Click the link below to receive information on our trainers and pricing.  Service area includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, and some parts of Queens.

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Outside our service area? Check out our Find a Professional page for a list of professionals who have taken our training program, and passed our screening test.

What to expect

When working with one of our trainers, you can expect a top-quality experience from an expert who truly understands how to effectively prepare your body for the demands of pregnancy and childbirth, expedite your postpartum recovery, and help you better carry out the physical demands of early motherhood. You can also expect a genuine partner who will be committed to supporting you every step of your journey — helping you grow stronger (physically, mentally, emotionally) than ever before.